SAFCO Assist

Deliver tonight.
Fund tomorrow.

We know how important it is to get your deals funded as soon as possible. With our SAFCO Assist Portal, you can fast track your funding with just a few extra clicks in Dealertrack or RouteOne.

Our dedicated SAFCO Assist team is standing by six days a week to receive your documents for verification prior to the actual receipt of the contract and approve your stips upfront. The last step is to submit the contract for payment. It’s that fast and easy.

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Benefits of SAFCO Assist
  • Faster funding than the traditional option

  • Prevents returns by catching issues early

  • Improves your CIT times

  • Avoid paying interest

  • Accessible through your DMS

  • Dedicated support team and help line

It’s as Easy and Fast as 1, 2, 3
  1. Find the link to finalize your contract in your DMS.
    • In Dealertrack or RouteOne, look for “Click Here to Finalize Your Contract.”
  2. Upload the required stips for verification.
  3. Submit the contract for payment.

For more information and support with SAFCO Assist, please call our dedicated team at 866-848-4822.

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