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As a leader in auto financing, we increase sub-prime sales for dealers around the country, using the most advanced technology and underwriting processes to see creditworthiness where others don’t. Other companies see thin and non-existent files, poor credit histories, and less-than-conventional income. We see beyond that to identify and turn more customers into buyers, adding incremental sales to your bottom line.

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We See Beyond Credit. Way Beyond.

While many companies rely on standard application data or traditional bureau scores, we’ve invested heavily in a multi-faceted statistical approach that reveals alternative insights beyond the basics.

Our proprietary score-card pulls from thousands of data points spanning multiple different data sources . The result is an ultra-rich and realistic snapshot about our applicants’ credit standing. This in-depth approach enables us to see beyond credit and identify their full credit potential.

In the hands of our industry professionals, our deep machine-learning capabilities are enriched on a recurring basis allowing a far more advanced decisioning process. What does this mean for you the dealer, well simply put more financing options!

You’ll Love Our Human Side, Too

Our investment in technology and innovation is an investment in our dealers. It’s one of many ways our dedicated team actively works everyday to support your needs and benefit your goals.

As a SAFCO dealer, you enjoy:
  • Extended hours for help when you need it most

  • Designated, experienced credit buyers servicing your dealership

  • Callbacks 7 days a week

  • Strong calls and fast turnarounds

  • Returning customers with improved credit

  • Competitive, multifaceted programs, including for military

  • SAFCO Assist to deliver cars today and get funded tomorrow

Preferred Finance Partners

We’re proud to be a preferred finance partner for AutoNation, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, Hendrick Automotive, Penske Automotive, and Sonic Automotive, and partner with thousands of other franchise and quality independent dealers throughout the country.


“SAFCO allows us to close more deals that we would otherwise not get!”

“The help we get from SAFCO is great! From quick callbacks, to customer service and personal attention, to fast funding! SAFCO even returns our good customers via their Lend Us Your Customer program. Way to go SAFCO!”

“I love SAFCO because they allow me to sell to Tax Id and Non Social Security Customers.”

“SAFCO has consistently provided us with outstanding service from the approval process through funding. It is always a pleasure to deal with them.”

“Aside from fast funding, SAFCO’s programs keep our customers coming back like family.”

“SAFCO means a wider range of clients become customers for life. We know we can count on SAFCO for fast funding and great support.”

“The new SAFCO has been wonderful. The new Credit Builder Program really works. The program has given us a chance to put together deals that wouldn’t have been deals anywhere else and funding them has been effortless.”

“People make the difference! Robin Campbell has proven to be one of those people. Her knowledge combined with SAFCO’s programs and guidelines have made SAFCO over-the-top secondary producers for the month of February. She has always been available when I call with questions or concerns and provides profit-building answers.”

“SAFCO’s personnel are what make them stand out from the competition. Their underwriters answer the phones when I call and I love the personal attention I receive. They take the time to discuss a deal, and that makes a big difference.”

“The funding department is fantastic. They provide me with funding specialists to handle my accounts and they make the extra effort to call me when there’s a problem. They ask for my assistance when needed so that my deals are funded quickly and efficiently.”

“We have been able to capture deals that were undeliverable in the past. As long as your customer is able to provide a down payment or a trade-in and meet minimum requirements, you will be able to put them on the road. It gives us a chance to increase our ability to assist people that we were unable to help before. The high-risk customer that you would turn away can now be kept in your dealership to increase your profits.”

“The call back on applications has been great and my buyer is great as well. Also I want to thank our representative; he’s always there when needed by phone or in person.”

“What I find great about SAFCO is EVERYONE looks for ways to make deals happen! It seems that everyone has had retail experience and that is a major plus to me!”

“The first deal I did with SAFCO funded the same day. That’s the fastest I’ve ever had a sub-prime deal fund.”

“Finding the right cars, the right customers, and the right bank can be very frustrating and time consuming, for the dealers as well as the customers. SAFCO finds a way to buy a deal.”

“My buyers have been exceptional from day one, working with me on the right structure for the customer as well as the right structure for profitability.”

“Every time I work a deal with SAFCO, I always receive a fast response from the buying center and funding department. The opportunity to work with my representative, who is always available, makes my job easier.”

“Knowing I have support during difficult times is reassuring when I have to make on the spot decisions.”