Seeing Beyond Credit

We See Creditworthiness Where Others Don’t

SAFCO specializes in auto financing for first-time buyers, people who want to rebuild their credit, and those with hard to verify income, like the self-employed. For SAFCO, a person’s credit score is just the beginning of a highly advanced, A.I.-driven process of determining their ability to pay back a loan.

We use deep machine learning and three decades of underwriting experience to look beyond a person’s FICO score to find important details and combination of factors that reveal a much more complete credit picture of an applicant in need of auto financing.

We evaluate factors such as time on the job, their monthly cash flow, their employment history, earning potential, phone bills, and multiple elements of additional data points to identify creditworthiness. As a result, we’re able to provide financing for more buyers.

Once approved, our customers have the opportunity to establish and improve their credit with each on-time payment. They also have access to our friendly, solution-oriented Credit Advisors and free, educational resources to help every step of the way.

Repeat business is not our goal. Instead, we want our customers to be in a better position when they leave us than when we met, so they can enjoy all the benefits of their efforts, like traditional financing on their next vehicle.

Our Values

Believe in possibilities.
Work hard to see potential and help achieve it.

Be eager to help.
Share knowledge and inspire constant improvement.

Set the example.
Make a positive impact by being professional, ethical, and friendly.

Make things happen.
Have the determination to find a way.

Our Purpose

We live out our purpose every day.

SAFCO’s purpose is to identify more creditworthy auto buyers by combining the most advanced technology, unique underwriting processes, and our credit building philosophy.