SAFCO Dedicates Non-Verbal Team to Assist Customers

Over the years, more and more customers want to communicate with SAFCO in ways beyond talking on the phone. When customers are past due or struggling to pay, it may be easier for them to communicate through text or email.

To meet the changing needs and preferences of our customers, SAFCO has created a specialized team of Loan Communications Specialists who are trained and monitored to use email, text, and chat. This allows our specialized team to communicate with customers and service accounts through non-verbal methods.

SAFCO Loan Communication Specialists assist customers via email, text, and chat in a similar way we handle traditional phone communications. Customers are able to update select account information, provide the date and amount of their next payment, and work out plans to resolve any applicable delinquency on their account. Having a documented plan to bring their account current can be a relief for customers.

Chat is our newest communication channel and is available after a customer has logged into their account on the SAFCO website. It’s a real-time solution that has a live Loan Communications Specialist available to assist customers within seconds. Following the communication, customers are provided the opportunity to rate the experience and the SAFCO Management Team continually monitors the feedback.

Take advantage of communicating with SAFCO through one of these methods today!