SAFCO Launches Revitalized Brand

SAFCO Launches Revitalized Brand
Fast-growing sub-prime leader introduces innovative image to complement pioneering programs

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Southern Auto Finance Company, LLC, one of America’s fastest-growing sub-prime automotive finance providers, today announced that it has refashioned its brand to better represent the leading-edge solutions it offers its dealer partners nationwide.  This is the latest in a series of enhancements the company has put in place to ensure that it continues to set the standard in special finance.

“A company that’s leading the way in sub-prime and non-prime finance ought to have a contemporary image to match its contemporary business approach,” said George Fussell, SAFCO’s founder and chief executive officer.  “This rebranding lets our customers see for themselves that we’re focused on the future, and it lets them know that we’re ready to embrace change for the better.”

Beginning immediately, the company will use the name SAFCO exclusively, rather than “Southern Auto Finance Company.”  This formalizes the shorter phrasing that most customers and employees already use, and it serves a larger purpose.  In recent years, SAFCO has grown from a regional provider to a finance company that serves markets in 20 states.  Use of “SAFCO” as a name rather than an acronym reinforces the fact that the company has a nearly national footprint.

To accompany this, the company has also introduced a new, streamlined logo, which is being updated across all of SAFCO’s materials. Everything from the website to brochures are being revised to present a clean, modern appearance that will be easier for customers to read and will serve as a visual representation of SAFCO’s forward-looking business philosophy.

“While we are excited about all the changes that we’re implementing, one thing that we want to emphasize is that some things will never change,” said Fussell.  “SAFCO remains a company built first and foremost on delivering best-in-class service, and our commitment is always to find a way for our dealers and their customers.”

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SAFCO is a non-prime automotive finance company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a lender for more than 20 years, SAFCO has provided innovative finance products, experienced credit buyers and fast, flexible funding to approximately 2,000 qualified dealerships. SAFCO’s mission is to help credit-challenged consumers establish better credit. For more information, visit